catch the wheel that breaks the butterfly

Last Oasis single & my soundtrack for the week.

I turned off my internet at around 8PM PST last Tuesday, and except for watching Yuri!!! on Ice and checking Liam Gallagher’s twitter, I haven’t been back. It’s always been Metafilter with my morning coffee, various fandom communities during my lunch break, and then maybe an hour (or two) of clicking on things before bed. Now I don’t feel like doing that at all, but I’m sure the desire to waste time online will return.

For the past week, I’ve been listening to Oasis and I read A Clash of Kings and A Storm of Swords and now I’m on A Feast for Crows. I want to talk about these dumb books, but at the same time, I can’t because I don’t want excessive spoilers. Going in, I knew that Sean Bean doesn’t live (is that even a spoiler?) and about the Red Wedding because someone showed me a clip of it and I wondered why I should care about the deaths of characters I didn’t know.

As of right now (in A Feast for Crows), the only thing that surprises me is that Jon Snow is still alive. Obviously he has to die so he can be released from his vows, and then come back so he can ride a dragon.

After seeing Supersonic, I had to see what the Gallaghers look like now (same). I had a lot of thoughts about Oasis, both the music and the brotherly love, but that will have to wait until a better day. Anyway, I was pleased to see that Liam’s twitter was exactly what I expected.


What is this? I have no idea and that’s what makes me love it.