Sherlocked 2017

I was trying to take a picture of Lestrade’s warrant card, but the display case was shoved in the corner and my phone has been dropped too many times to take clear pictures.

lestrade props

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villains with good hair


I finally finished Game of Thrones, episode 5. I feel so accomplished – it’s taken me approximately two months to watch five episodes and I have a feeling I may not make my goal of catching up before the new series airs. One reason that it’s taking me so long to get through the series is that I have to get used to seeing actual humans in the roles. As I was reading, I pictured Jaime Lannister looking like Griffith from Berserk and Cersei looks like Griffith as well. As I watch the show, I keep forgetting that they are twins and their love is oh so throw a kid out the window forbidden.

I was about to say that I would be into a Game of Thrones anime, but Berserk is right there if I ever feel the need for bloodthirsty medievalism.

Sherlock S4 (spoilers, nothing but spoilers)

Adding a spoiler warning in case someone looking for the lyrics to early Belle and Sebastian songs stumbles in here by accident and has their Sherlock experience ruined.

I just needed to express my happiness over the utter ridiculousness that was the end of The Lying Detective. Evil twins! Out of all the twists available, Mofftiss played the evil twin card. I hope it turns out that Lestrade’s mystery date in The Six Thatchers turns out to have been with the evil twin and that Sherlock is very 😦 about evil twin banging all his friends. I’m also hoping for an angsty discussion, ‘Perhaps you are the evil twin.’

In Lestrade news, I was concerned by his violation of correct procedure when he turned off the recording, but apparently he is aware that no one cares about rules in Evil Twin World, and judging by his tan, he already has his retirement villa in Spain ready and waiting.

Lestrade, answering uncomfortable questions that will lead to an early retirement.