So I wasn’t going to get a planner this year and then I spent too much on a planner and it is too heavy to carry around so it won’t get used much, but this is basically how I feel about it.❤️

The last 48 hours were spent in bed—shopping online and watching British detectives do their thing, and revisiting Gundam Wing (GUNDAM WING), and somehow this ended with me ordering a mattress that is probably not better than what I have now and will be annoying to deal with when I move in six months.

In other news, I have written two sentences of my Yuletide fic.


the curse of the raven boys

Every time I feel like going online to complain about The Raven Boys, my internet goes out. I got halfway through the book, logged in to wordpress to write about why I wouldn’t be finishing it, and then the internet went out for almost two days. I ended up finishing it, went over to goodreads to give it one star, and then the internet went out for the entire weekend. Earlier, I came here, a crowded Starbucks, logged into goodreads, and got a blank screen. As I hit ctrl-r, I heard waves of discontent roll over the tables. No internet. I picked up my coffee and left.

This post is a bit of a test. If I can get to the end, maybe my internet bad luck will break and I will be able to discuss why The Raven Boys is both incompetently written, baffling, and maybe a little racist..

Who is the coolest cat at Hogwarts?

“If you had read my report you would know that the term is ‘firearms,’” said Mr. Weasley coolly. (p 132)

Fudge looked back down at her, his eyebrows raised. “Very well,” he said coolly. “What is your story?” (p 144)

“Big and wearing cloaks,” repeated Madam Bones coolly, while Fudge snorted derisively. (p 144)

“Well, well, well . . . Patronus Potter,” said Lucius Malfoy coolly. (p 154)

“I’ve supported them since I was six,” said Cho coolly.  (p 231)

“The Tornado-hater?” said Cho rather coolly. (p 283)

“How was practice?” asked Hermione rather coolly half an hour later, as Harry and Ron climbed through the portrait hole into the Gryffindor common room. (p 294)

“Actually, I haven’t,” said Hermione coolly. (p 326)

“So what if I am?” said Hermione coolly, though her face was a little pink. (p 332)

“Of course,” said Hermione coolly. (p 354)

“You tripped,” she repeated coolly. (p 437)

“Where have you been?” asked Umbridge, cutting coolly through Hagrid’s babbling. (p 437)

Fred raised his eyebrows. “Fine,” he said coolly, rummaging in his pockets, “be like that. Don’t tell us anything.” (p 490) [Don’t even get me started on all the characters in The Order of the Phoenix who raise their eyebrows.]

“Lucky you,” said Ginny coolly. (p 500)

“It seems so,” said Snape coolly. (p 533)

“Did you mean to produce a Stinging Hex?” asked Snape coolly. (p 534)

“It’s none of your business if Harry’s been with a hundred girls,” Hermione told Rita coolly. (p 565)

“Either way, he’s still got four legs,” said Hermione coolly. (p 599)

“Not until Montague reappears, and that could take weeks, I dunno where we sent him,” said Fred coolly. (p 627)

“Wait for what?” said Sirius coolly. (p 646)

Lily blinked. “Fine,” she said coolly. (p 648) [Blinking is a nice change from raising eyebrows.]

Ginny raised her eyebrows. “There’s no need to take that tone with me,” she said coolly. (p 735)

“Because in case you hadn’t noticed, you and Hermione are both covered in blood,” she said coolly, “and we know Hagrid lures thestrals with raw meat, so that’s probably why these two turned up in the first place . . .” (p 736)

“Hand over the prophecy and no one need get hurt,” said Malfoy coolly. (p 782)

The answer is Hermione! Hermione is the coolest cat at Hogwarts. In second place is Ginny who says things coolly three times. Fudge, Umbridge, L. Malfoy, Snape, Fred, and Cho are only cool twice.



















Gallifrey One 

First fandom convention since Anime Expo in 2009. It was pretty great, but my feelings of ambivalence and disconnection haven’t changed. I think part of the reason I enjoyed it so much is that I’ve always loved Doctor Who, but haven’t been actively involved in that fandom. 

comfort listening

The hygge of Oasis by Tracey Thorn (whose Naked at the Albert Hall I’ve been meaning to read since it came out earlier this year)

Yes, they made a thundering, blistering kind of noise, but there was an ease and a cosiness about the familiarity of those tunes that sounded, even on a first listen, like you’d known them for years. In the studio, Noel would play a newly written song for the first time to Liam, who would absorb it by osmosis, sing it back once, and then go into the vocal booth to record it. We see Liam clutching a notepad bearing the lyrics to “Champagne Supernova”, which he proceeds to sing flawlessly.

I love this article, but it’s missing or only briefly touches on the points that have made Oasis such comforting listening for me recently.

  1. VOLUME. You can turn it up loud,. really loud, up to eleven, so loud it drowns thought, but it never becomes dark or strange. This especially true for the Noel songs, with his pleasant, pub rock vocals. In Supersonic, it is really obvious that Noel was not a good singer at the beginning and that the songs worked thanks to Liam’s furious, charismatic sneer.
  2. LYRICS. Know what I mean? Generic, non-specific, post-modern collage of thirty years of rock history, easy to identify with or create your own meanings. Who is Sally? Why is she waiting? No one is Sally and we are all Sally.