Gallifrey One 

First fandom convention since Anime Expo in 2009. It was pretty great, but my feelings of ambivalence and disconnection haven’t changed. I think part of the reason I enjoyed it so much is that I’ve always loved Doctor Who, but haven’t been actively involved in that fandom. 

comfort listening

The hygge of Oasis by Tracey Thorn (whose Naked at the Albert Hall I’ve been meaning to read since it came out earlier this year)

Yes, they made a thundering, blistering kind of noise, but there was an ease and a cosiness about the familiarity of those tunes that sounded, even on a first listen, like you’d known them for years. In the studio, Noel would play a newly written song for the first time to Liam, who would absorb it by osmosis, sing it back once, and then go into the vocal booth to record it. We see Liam clutching a notepad bearing the lyrics to “Champagne Supernova”, which he proceeds to sing flawlessly.

I love this article, but it’s missing or only briefly touches on the points that have made Oasis such comforting listening for me recently.

  1. VOLUME. You can turn it up loud,. really loud, up to eleven, so loud it drowns thought, but it never becomes dark or strange. This especially true for the Noel songs, with his pleasant, pub rock vocals. In Supersonic, it is really obvious that Noel was not a good singer at the beginning and that the songs worked thanks to Liam’s furious, charismatic sneer.
  2. LYRICS. Know what I mean? Generic, non-specific, post-modern collage of thirty years of rock history, easy to identify with or create your own meanings. Who is Sally? Why is she waiting? No one is Sally and we are all Sally.


Yuri on Ice (aka Victor is feeling unwell)

Super adorable head-boop! Yuri can’t resist! However, this cuteness may be a distraction from the FORESHADOWING:


Victor, exhausted, unable to keep up with Yuri. It could be that he is elderly by skating standards, or it could be he really is suffering from a  Mysterious Anime Disease that will cause him suffer beautifully until Yuri’s skating saves him.


Is Victor good at keeping promises? At least doggie is there as a witness.


And Yuri skates dramatically while thinking about how his time with Victor won’t last for long…