villains with good hair


I finally finished Game of Thrones, episode 5. I feel so accomplished – it’s taken me approximately two months to watch five episodes and I have a feeling I may not make my goal of catching up before the new series airs. One reason that it’s taking me so long to get through the series is that I have to get used to seeing actual humans in the roles. As I was reading, I pictured Jaime Lannister looking like Griffith from Berserk and Cersei looks like Griffith as well. As I watch the show, I keep forgetting that they are twins and their love is oh so throw a kid out the window forbidden.

I was about to say that I would be into a Game of Thrones anime, but Berserk is right there if I ever feel the need for bloodthirsty medievalism.


winds of winter

I finished A Dance with Dragons a week ago. The only part that surprised me was that “Young Griff” was still alive at the end of the book, and that Queen Selyse hadn’t pushed Shireen and Patches into one of Melisandre’s fires. It seemed that Val was foreshadowing an unpleasant end for the poor girl. As I expected, Jon Snow was killed. Will Melisandre bring him back, or will he come back with blue eyes, as a special-snowflake wight who can control his urge to murder people? The existence of Coldhands shows that it’s possible, but it’s unlikely because Jon will need to go south of the Wall for plot reasons. My friend J,  who is only watching the HBO series, told me that Jon is already back in S6, but she refused to tell me if it was via Melisandre, the Others, or if he somehow managed to survive being stabbed a lot.

V: So, is he alive-alive, or is he like Lady Stoneheart?
J: Who’s Lady Stoneheart?
V: Catelyn comes back and kills a lot of Freys.
J: That doesn’t happen in the show.
V: Do a lot of Freys get killed? They need to go… How are there six seasons? I thought each book was a season.
J: I don’t know.

If there are six season, there must be six books out, right? I tend to scroll past things I’m not into, but I had some vague memory of a year ago, a couple of years ago, seeing a Metafilter thread about the release of The Winds of Winter.  It wasn’t listed on the library’s Overdrive site, which is where I get 90% of my reading, so I stopped by the library to see if I could get a paper copy.

The librarian didn’t see The Winds of Winter listed in the computer, so she called over another librarian. Librarian #2 was hella confused by my request, and then she patiently explained that The Winds of Winter had not been published yet and that fans had been waiting a very long time.

Watching the series is next, but for some reason sitting down and watching a lengthy television series always seems so intimidating and time-consuming. It almost feels like an obligation–must watch Game of Thrones before the three months of HBO Go expires!

catch the wheel that breaks the butterfly

Last Oasis single & my soundtrack for the week.

I turned off my internet at around 8PM PST last Tuesday, and except for watching Yuri!!! on Ice and checking Liam Gallagher’s twitter, I haven’t been back. It’s always been Metafilter with my morning coffee, various fandom communities during my lunch break, and then maybe an hour (or two) of clicking on things before bed. Now I don’t feel like doing that at all, but I’m sure the desire to waste time online will return.

For the past week, I’ve been listening to Oasis and I read A Clash of Kings and A Storm of Swords and now I’m on A Feast for Crows. I want to talk about these dumb books, but at the same time, I can’t because I don’t want excessive spoilers. Going in, I knew that Sean Bean doesn’t live (is that even a spoiler?) and about the Red Wedding because someone showed me a clip of it and I wondered why I should care about the deaths of characters I didn’t know.

As of right now (in A Feast for Crows), the only thing that surprises me is that Jon Snow is still alive. Obviously he has to die so he can be released from his vows, and then come back so he can ride a dragon.

After seeing Supersonic, I had to see what the Gallaghers look like now (same). I had a lot of thoughts about Oasis, both the music and the brotherly love, but that will have to wait until a better day. Anyway, I was pleased to see that Liam’s twitter was exactly what I expected.


What is this? I have no idea and that’s what makes me love it.