rare pair 2017

ETA: As expected, I didn’t manage to come back to edit this before the signup period ended. I had a few comments additional comments on my requests, so in no particular order…

Trainspotting (films).

(a) I would love something shippy set after T2, and I do have to say that I strongly prefer the film version of the characters to the books. I low-key shipped Simon and Mark for years, so T2 was a gift.

(b) If you do take inspiration from the books, I don’t expect it to be written in the style of the books (Scottish orthography, cunt this, cunt that, etc). If you want to, go ahead, but I’m not expecting it.

(c) [Spoilers for Porno] Although in some ways I preferred the Renton/Sick Boy reunion scene in the book, I thought that Renton taking the money was silly and repetitive, in fact, everything about the end of the book was a ridiculous cartoon (airport chase, Begbie waking up like a killer in a slasher film). Sick Boy was a not-fun sociopath (instead of the charming sociopath in the film), and Diane had less character in Porno than she did in her brief scene in T2.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

(a) Albus Dumbledore/Newt Scamander. Albus Dumbledore was something more than a schoolteacher to me. I have no idea what the next film will bring, but I hope Dumblejude spends some time lounging and looking vaguely sinister. I’m not that into teacher/student, so I would prefer a relationship/anything physical to happen until after Newt has been out of Hogwarts for a while.

(b) Albus Dumbledore/Original Percival Graves. I like the idea of the culture clash, New York wizards are Modern and wear trousers and listen to jazz, while British wizards lounge in their musty velvet robes.

Sherlock Holmes

I’ve been rereading the stories, and I had completely forgot how the Lestrade/Gregson rivalry was set up and then dropped. And I’d forgot how annoyed Holmes was when they took the credit for his detective work. Anyway, I’ve always thought they were secretly besties, except that Lestrade considers himself to be the genius detective and Gregson is his sidekick, while Gregson believes the opposite.

I think it goes without saying that Inspector Lestrade and DI Greg Lestrade are completely different characters. I can’t ship DI Lestrade with anyone except Sherlock, so for this request, I would prefer a Lestrade who is closer to Canon or even Granada.

Likes: I like plot and fluff and angst mixed up in various ways. Plotty fluff, angst with a hard-earned happy ending, case fics and adventures, characters enjoying each other’s company, imperfect people cautiously discovering each other, hurt/comfort with more of an emphasis on the comfort. Common fanfic tropes I enjoy are fake-dating & fake-married, characters writing books/blogging about each other, apocalypse, unrealistic amnesia, time travel, and vampires

Do Not Wants: explicit sex, extreme violence, bestiality, bdsm, genderswap, omegaverse, character death

Fandoms: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, T2 Trainspotting, Sherlock Holmes


T2 Trainspotting

sickboy renton T2

A couple of years ago, I was invited to a free screening of a film I was very excited about with the expectation that I would talk it up on social media. I agreed, but then I had serious problems with the film, so I didn’t post anything about it anywhere. So when I had the chance to see an early screening of T2 Trainspotting, I didn’t go. It seemed like an unnecessary nostalgia trip, and I thought I would hate it, especially as I didn’t really like Porno. Ngl, Sick Boy is my favourite character in Trainspotting, and in Porno he is a complete psychopath. A real psychopath, not a Moffat-psychopath.

Well… as a film, it’s not so great, but as the Sick Boy/Renton fanfic I’ve been wanting for 20 years, it is FANTASTIC.

veronica sickboy renton

Veronica: You are clearly in love and should take off all your clothes and fuck. Cheers!


Trainspotting T2

A bad man takes their clothes and makes them do bad things. Okay, that is my interpretation, but I think it is valid and so do the cows.

Sick Boy and Renton T2

First, attempted murder. Later, rescue, and then cuddling on the sofa. (In this context, too high to move counts as cuddling.)

In conclusion, the Sick Boy/Renton ship name should be ‘Rent Boy’ even though that is Renton’s nickname in canon, and I may have to reconsider my decision to stop doing Yuletide because that might be the only way to get fic for this film.